Friday, December 19, 2008

Fall 2008 anime review (updated)

Michiko to Hatchin
Episodes viewed: 10
Rating: A (Old rating A-) Upgraded after episode 9
- A rowdy mix of orphan-meets-reckless-hot-mama, MtH is sure to entertain you from the first episode on. Although made by Manglobe, the same people who made Ergo Proxy, it looks more like something made by Studio4C (the familiar 4C feel, to those who know it). This anime is set in Brazil and portrays a ROWDY adventure between two unlikely allies. It is visually refreshing, as the colors were way more pronounced than most of the series' I will list. However, the music (except for the ED) was undwerwhelming, thus earning it the -. Think Tekkon Kinkreet meets Cowboy Bebop, and you'll get an idea about what this series is।

Mouryou no Hako
Episodes viewed: 6
Rating: A Further changes unlikely. Possible entry to all time favorites list.
- I like this the best among all series' this season. Cerebral, unforgiving and dabbling with the spiritual, this detective story requires more than a receptive mind. The studio did a very fine job in portraying the 50's feel. This is the anime version of Film noir. To those who want to see Marimite gone horribly wrong and developing into a serial killer case, pick this up.

Jigoku Shoujo 3
Episodes viewed: 13
Rating: A- (old rating B-) Double-level upgrade after episode 13
- Same old Ai, but different stories of "revenge" I won't call some of the cases revenge, because I actually didn't like 2 of them to go to hell this time (something I last felt on ep.23 Season 1). The franchise is getting dull though, as if 52 episodes weren't enough to prove the point that Ai sends people to hell. EDIT: This season is a lame excuse for Ai fanservice. EDIT 2: The real story starts after episode 13...hopefully.

Ga-rei zero
Episodes viewed: 11
Rating: C- (old rating C) Downgraded after episode 11
- I admit that this series went downhill from the beginning. The first episode was awesome, the bloodbath was refreshing and I expected an (early)NGE like action story, but forced yuri-esqe clips and that weirdo downgraded this series. It's not too late to recover though. I could care less about that little girl's love, but please, take that weirdo off the air. Episode 5 was a refreshing new look on this series. At least we get an intriguing plot going.... EDIT: I can't stand Kagura and her whiny voice. She's worthless as a protagonist.

Shikabanehime Aka
Episodes viewed: 10
Rating: B (Upgraded after episode 10)
- This is one of the series' doomed to last only for a short time. The idea of gunning down different monsters every week is something that grows old very quickly. Furthermore, I didn't really like the male lead. He seems to be a pacifist and I don't like that. He just hinders the unnaturally powerful heroine, Makina. The monk's perverted jokes are off poor taste and are apparently forced. Episode 5 reveals the real plot. I will follow this until it ends its run.

Episodes viewed:2
Rating: F (Dropped) Dipshit Alert!
- Pathetic protagonist, pretentious art, stereotypes of otaku. No wonder I dropped this one.

Episodes viewed: 1
Rating: F (Dropped) Dipshit Alert!
- Bad art, bitchy protagonist and general crappiness. I dropped this series before it dropped me with its stupidity.


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